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A Retailer and Influencer Loyalty Program, "Together Stronger" stands as the most technologically advanced Loyalty Program ever run in the paper industry. Along with redefining secondary sales, it has given a new dimension to brand awareness for Trident Group, the leading supplier of high-quality paper for multi-colour high speed printing and high-quality copier paper. Together Stronger is a project that defines perfection!


The paper industry is one of the most firmly established industries that has a commendable growth rate in India. With many top-notch competitors competing for the lead position, Trident remains one of the best and most preferred suppliers with a consistent record of providing superior quality copier paper.

While the sales were marvellous, Trident wished to expand reach and have a profoundly established brand name among end users and be recognised as the best by distributors, channels and influencers at each level.

The project ‘Together Stronger’ gets its name from Trident's beliefs, i.e. collective growth at a significant pace is only possible when Trident becomes the most preferred paper for retailers as well as influencers.


The goal was to establish Trident as an unbeatable brand and expand reach, thus influencing increased sales. Since the end users when talking about copier paper are retailers and photocopy shop owners, our Loyalty and Engagement program was dividend into two segments to ensure efficiency.

The two programs were efficiently fuelled and propagated with the concept of “Instant Rewards” which is the sole reason behind Triumphant Trident.

Retail Loyalty Program

Aimed at increasing reach and brand awareness among retailers, this Retail Loyalty Program focused on making Trident papers the leading occupier on the shelves to optimise brand visibility and availability to end users.

  • Provide rewards for supreme sales
  • Benefits beyond standard supply chain policies

Influencer Loyalty Program

Owing to the importance of Influencers and the role they play in brand establishment, this program precisely targets photocopy shop owners, stationery shop owners and any influencers that have the potential to optimize brand image and sales. By awarding and rewarding outstanding performers and showing appreciation at each step, this Influencer Loyalty Program established Trident as the most sought-after paper manufacturer company in domestic and international markets.

  • Target and optimize secondary and tertiary sales
  • Optimize end-to-end branding through a customer centric approach


Unique and instant rewarding policies that ensure 360-degree brand satisfaction for distributors, channel partners and influencers

Most technologically upgraded and advanced Channel Loyalty Program with proven results

Most efficient and hyped Loyalty Program in the paper industry


This Channel Loyalty and Engagement Program continues to yield results and stands a pillar of strength for branding and promotion of Trident Paper, thus ensuring their graphs only grow upwards!

  • 90% coverage of Secondary and Tertiary Markets
  • ROI of more than 140%

Not only has Trident witnessed a stupendous growth in brand awareness and loyalty but has also successfully increased its reach to more than 1,50,000 customers, channel partners and influencers.

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