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Precisely formatted and brilliantly implemented for the Suiting and Shirting division of Raymond, this Retailer Loyalty Program brought about a 360-degree transformation to Raymond’s Retail Loyalty Strategy.


Raymond has gained supremacy in the branded fabric industry and is one of the most established, top-notch players in the evergreen Textile Industry. With an excellent brand name and commendable customer reach, it is the tag dealers who majorly complement its sales and keep up its superior market presence.

While sales and profits were well in place, Raymond looked for a way to recognize and reward its influencers in a more profound manner. The main aim was to enhance communication and co-ordination with retailers at every level and overall amplify its Retail Loyalty Strategy.


By providing ‘Instant Gratification’ to all tag dealers, we redefined Retailer Loyalty for Raymond in every dimension. Through our revolutionary Loyalty Systems paired with the most efficient Analytics engine along with highly efficient Operational methodologies and statistical expertise, we precisely picked and improvised the areas that had even the slightest scope of improvement and transformed them into stupendous pieces of perfection. From magnifying operational efficiency to implementing the latest and most advanced Loyalty Solutions at every level both on-field and off-field, IMAST left no leaf unturned!

  • Revolutionised the Retailer Loyalty Strategy by introducing ‘Instant Gratification’
  • Implemented latest technology at every level
  • Introduced multi-level Mobility Solutions to enhance over-all engagement
  • Reduced overall operational lag time
  • Established a well-organized communication methodology to keep retailers closely co-ordinated with the brand to increase brand accessibility
  • Introduced Dynamic Offers and Boosters in the program through a retailer-centric approach to ensure amplified brand loyalty among tag dealers
  • Transformed the existing program into a Fully Automated Retailer Loyalty Program, thus ensuring breakthrough results through minimal efforts.


The 360-degree transformation of the Retailer Loyalty Program resulted in a stupendous market reach while Raymond witnessed market penetration like never before. Not only did Raymond acquire supremacy in the Retailer Market but also witnessed a magnificent dimensional change in their profit patterns.

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