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Jai Vistar is the most successful Channel loyalty and Engagement Project in the Auto Suspension Industry. Carried out for Jamna Auto Industries Limited, a global leader in Suspensions, it yielded results that set a bench mark for perfection!


Jamna Auto Industries is the largest manufacture of Parabolic Springs and Tapered leaf for Commercial Vehicles in India. It has dominated the OEM Market and has been the most trusted and preferred supplier for all major commercial vehicle manufacturers for the past 50 years. With approximately 70% market share in the OEM Market, their aim was to now conquer and dominate the after-market too.

The Project gets its name from the company's desire to expand and grow in the after market. JAI signifies Jamna Auto Industries where in VISTAAR refers to the journey of growth in sales and expanded reach.

The journey to success:

To ensure maximum reach and to increase sales, JAI VISTAR is uniquely designed in a way that collectively ensures 360 market coverage catering to all the sections of Channel sales which includes distributors, retailers, mechanics and customers.


To rise high together and shine brighter is the main aim of this Distributor loyalty Program, thus getting its name Rising Star.

  • Being a part of distributors' celebrations and important occasions and adding value to each occasion
  • Closely communicating with distributors at every step while keeping them up-to-date regarding new technology, products and all happenings that directly and indirectly play a role in their growth and development.
  • Enabling and empowering distributors technologically and helping them with better ROI and secondary sales
  • Encouraged distributors to promote JAI products and reward them for their performance.


Retailers are the ones that truly drive a product towards success in the after-market and that is what gave this Retailer Loyalty Program its name.

  • Covered the retail market by rewarding retailers for each sale made for Jamna Auto Industries.
  • Increasing shelf space at every retailer counter to ensure visibility and availability of products to end-consumers

Since dominating the after-market was the supreme goal, we created two mechanic specific loyalty programs to ensure complete coverage of every aspect.



Keeping mechanics in mind, the program typically meant the presence of JAI everywhere (JAI ka hona) hence, JAI HO! This not only connected with every mechanic whether small or big but also is a huge success as mechanics are extremely taken up with the reward methodologies and policies. Thus, they are encouraged to use JAI products everywhere possible!


Our analytics engine wisely picks supreme mechanics and outstanding performers under JAI HO and rewards them not only in terms of points but also helps lift them and their families. Not only are mechanics trained to improve their skillset, this mechanic specific loyalty program ensures better quality of life to the entire family of supreme performers.


The entire loyalty program is a huge success and is still regarded as the best and most successful loyalty programs till date!

From a mere presence in the after-market, Jamna Auto Industries has risen to a dominant entity.

Sales Growth- More than 30%

ROI- 130%

Promotion Impressions- 10 million +

Jamna Auto Industries has not only achieved beyond satisfactory results, but also witnessed its reach grow to more than 45,000 channel partners and influencers.

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